Altar Boys

To be an altar boy is a privilege and a blessing.  All young boys who are currently in second grade in public school are welcome to join our acolyte list. The boys are led by our High School supervisors under the guidance of Fr. Andrew.  (At this time, due to certain limitations, only three boys maximum can serve in the Holy Altar - and boys must be in Grades 6-12).

The acolytes serve on a rotating schedule for Sunday and major holidays.  They are always welcome to serve the Divine Services when they attend church.  In addition, to their duties in the Holy Altar, there are also meeting 2-3 times a year.

Anyone interested in serving in the Holy Altar may contact the church office at 630.834.7010 or email Fr. Dionysios at or Fr. Theofanis at 


  • Please call the Church Office to sign up to attend services.  Once confirmed Altar Boys will be contacted to serve.  Thanks!