Educational Ministries: Introduction

As a Greek Orthdox community, our educational ministries aim to teach our young people and adults more about their Orthodox Faith and to keep the language and traditions of our Greek culture flourishing.  Our schools, primarily, instill both of these elements into our children with a well-rounded curriculum stressing education, Greek culture and living a life as a Greek Orthodox Christian.  Please visit the pages of our educational ministries to learn more.

Bible Study

The members of our community get together for fellowship and religious discussions on different teachings of our Church. We explore the lives of Saints, our Church doctrines, prayer life, the Bible (class is held in Greek).  more

Dionysos Dance Troupes

A variety of ethnic Greek dances are taught throughout the week during the school year.  There are different classes for different ages.  In addition, students of PCA, PGS and PSGS have lessons that take place during school hours.  more

Greek School (PGS & PSGS)

The Greek Schools, a must for every Greek Orthodox parish, is the vehicle that creates the Greek identity in the minds and the souls of our children and is important for the existence of the Greek Orthodox Church. The purpose of the Pythagoras Greek Schools is to promote Greek language, the Hellenic culture and our Greek Orthodox Heritage.   more

Parochial School (PCA)

Pythagoras Children's Academy (PCA) is a Greek Orthodox parochial day school, serving preschool through 5th grade.  more

Sunday School

Our Church is proud to provide a complete and comprehensive religious education program for preschool and school age students who are members and non-members of our community.  more