These are a combination of guidelines from the Metropolis and our from our Church - specific to us.  Like everything at this time, we are trying to keep things the same, but there are new practices we have to adapt to.


  • Please do not gather in side room.  All Altar Boys should remain in Holy Altar for duration of service.
  • The back hallway is closed, please do not exit from there.  This is since everything is cleaned and ready to go for Monday.  Exit from front with family.  If in dire need of the washroom, hang up robe and go to washroom in narthex.
  • If boys are feeling sick (even a sniffle), have a fever or other symptoms of illness please do not have them serve.  Please read over our guidelines for attending, as well as the e-mail confirmation you received when signing up to attend.


  • At this time, we are a limited to 2-3 High School Altar Boys per service.
  • When coming to the back room, please avoid placing coats, items on counter where Antidoron is cut.  Please hang up coats in closet.
  • We have removed smaller robes and split the closet into two sides - 1st Liturgy and 2nd Liturgy - please take from the correct side based on when you serve.
  • LEAVE CELL PHONES in coats or somewhere NOT in Holy Altar - this is minimize anything extra being brought into the Altar.
  • Wash hands at sink or use sanitizer before you enter Altar
  • All Altar Boys and those in Altar must properly wear face mask - over nose and mouth - only removing if receiving Holy Communion.
  • Please socially distance in Altar - one boy per marble bench and then one on either side of the altar (away from altar).
  • Mr. Andy our Mr. Alex will handle censer, zeon (Hot Water) and Antidoron bowls - please follow their instructions.
  • Each boys should get their own beeswax candle (no lanterns for now) and use that for the whole service - keep it by your side/on the bench.  Basically, whatever you are doing for that day will be your duty for the whole day.


  • PROCESSIONS - Just beeswax candles for now, along with censer when needed, and processions are ALWAYS SHORT - stay on marble.
  • When you line up on "BRIZA" (the floor outlets) please stay spaced away from Father.  If there are more than two boys with candles on each side, do not line up shoulder to shoulder, but move away towards people so that you are space out.
  • Per Metropolis, sanitize hands before and after handling anything in Holy Altar - there are 2-3 pumps throughout Altar.
  • FOR HOLY COMMUNION - No candles - just go out at some point to receive Holy Communion.  Do not take Antidoron after on your own - this is to be distributed by priest at the end.
  • Mr. Andy, Mr. Alex or senior leader will hold Communion Cloth as there are certain guidlines from the Metropolis.
  • FOR MEMORIALS/ARTOKLASIA - If boys go out, just line up spaced at 6 ft away from each other, table or priest as best as you can.
  • With a smaller group, this might be a great time to focus in on the service, the priest prayers/actions and to say some extra prayers for everyone's health.  Please do so and pray for your families and fellow altar boys.


  • Once Divine Liturgy has concluded, please hang up robe, grab belongings and find your family in the pews.  If it is hard to get to them, just wait by baptistery/font until they get to the front in Antidoron Line.
  • Mr. Andy, Mr. Alex or senior leader will assist Father with Antidoron.
  • Thanks for serving!!!