The Parish Council at St Demetrios Elmhurst is comprised by dedicated individuals, in Good Orthodox Christian standing, that stepped up on behalf of the St Demetrios Elmhurst Community of Stewards to represent the body of Christ.  The duties of the Parish Council are to guide the community on its behalf, build upon it by spreading the word of Christ, promote its goals and be the connector and advocate to all its multiple and diverse facets.  The Council works tirelessly to abide by the rules and regulations governed by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and all its ministries, and by the promise made and oath taken to the body of stewards it represents.  It is elected every two years, and it is an open forum for every steward of the Greek Orthodox Church of St Demetrios Elmhurst who wishes to participate, provide their time, talent, treasure and opinion for the betterment of the community. 


Executive Board

Nick Stavropoulos, President

Harry Fournier, Executive Vice President

Dimitris Katsamberis, Vice President of Organizations

Leonidas Harisiadis, Vice President of Facilities

Tom Hilaris, Treasurer

Eustathia Panousis, Assistant Treasurer

Nick Solomos, Assistant Treasurer

Kiki Whitehead, Recording Secretary

Athena Lykouretzos, Corresponding Secretary

Council Members

John Kampas

Elias Soupos

Nick Panos

Alex Vukajlovic

Charles Therman

Dino Malamis